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Social Media in Rulemaking


Social media offers new opportunities for engaging the public. ACUS is working on recommendations about social media in rulemaking, based on a Consultant's Report by Professor Michael Herz of Cardozo School of Law. You can follow, and be part of, this process here.

An initial draft of the recommendations was open for public discussion until November 6, when the Committee on Rulemaking considered possible changes. This meeting produced a revised draft. You'll able to review and discuss Committee Draft 2 here until the Committee's next meeting on November 13. All the Committee's changes will be in the Plenary Draft, to be debated at the 59th ACUS Plenary Session on December 5. You'll be able to review and discuss the Plenary Draft here until November 27 . Comments and discussion on RecommendationRoom will be part of what ACUS considers when deciding to adopt final recommendations, along with comments submitted to ACUS on their project page.

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Agencies should consider using social media in connection with direct final rulemaking to quickly identify whether there are significant or meaningful objections that are not initially apparent.

Read the Consultant's Report: Direct Final Rulemaking.


I could not figure out where to insert this comment. Even though it does not pertain to Recommendation 19, I'm inserting it here.

Why not have a recommendation that deals with promotion of the final rule through use of social media? These recommendations start with public outreach and should conclude with a similar notion of public education about the final agency product so that stakeholders and other interested parties know about the rule that has been published. It would also be helpful if social media tools are used to identify any paperwork requirements associated with the final rule so that affected parties know what they must do to comply with the new rule.

Could be added to Recommendations 5 and 11

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