1. What's RecommendationRoom?

    What's Recommendation Room? RecommendationRoom is an innovative public participation platform created by CeRI, a cross-disciplinary research group at Cornell University.

Recommendation Room--like its sister sites RegulationRoom (rulemaking) and PlanningRoom (strategic and other planning exercises)--provides a modified blog environment that facilitates meaningful participation through

  • information design that encourages users to invest in learning about the policy proposal being discussed, and that layers information to let each user explore a topic in the depth he or she chooses
  • targeted commenting that focuses, and organizes, discussion by attaching discussion threads to specific topics and subtopics
  • moderation capability that enables site moderators to mentor effective commenting skills and stimulate discussion, if needed

ACUS is piloting RecommendationRoom in its own public commenting process as part of its commitment to practice-grounded research in improving administrative procedure.

Learn more about this commitment at What is ACUS?

If you would like to

  • provide feedback about the site that will help CeRI's ongoing e-participation research
  • hear about other agencies' experience with RegulationRoom and PlanningRoom or
  • talk about using one of the RegRoom.org platforms for a public engagement in your agency or civil society organization

contact the CeRI research team.

Learn more about the e-participation research made possible by the RegRoom.org platforms and CeRI's research collaborations with government agencies.

Learn more about the cross-displinary CeRI research team.