1. What is ACUS?

    What is ACUS? The Administrative Conference of the United States provides research and recommendations that make government more efficient, effective and fair.

ACUS is an agency of the U.S. government. It was created in 1964 by the Administrative Conference Act to

  1. "provide suitable arrangements through which Federal agencies, assisted by outside experts, may cooperatively study mutual problems, exchange information, and develop recommendations for action by proper authorities to the end that private rights may be fully protected and regulatory activities and other Federal responsibilities may be carried out expeditiously in the public interest"
  2. "promote more effective public participation and efficiency in the rulemaking process"
  3. "reduce unnecessary litigation in the regulatory process"
  4. "improve the use of science in the regulatory process"
  5. "improve the effectiveness of laws applicable to the regulatory process.”

An important limit on ACUS’s authority is that its research and recommendations must be about administrative procedures and practices. ACUS has no power to recommend changes to the content of regulatory programs.

ACUS accomplishes its mission by

  • conducting research
  • formulating recommendations
  • spreading agency best practices
  • promoting information exchange
  • sponsoring events and publications

Its work covers both general topics that apply to many federal agencies and specific topics that help particular agencies improve their processes.

See ACUS publications and other documents.

ACUS can make recommendations to Congress for new legislation, to the President for a new Executive Order or some change in presidential practices, to agencies for new regulations or other changes in their practices or procedures, or the courts for how they review agency actions.

See recent ACUS recommendations.

ACUS is independent, and not part of any other government agency. It is unusual because its members are people from other federal government agencies, universities, good-government and other organizations, and private practice. As President Obama said on July 8, 2010, ACUS is “a public-private partnership designed to make government work better.”

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The Guide for Conference Members contains more details about how ACUS is organized and carries out its mission.